Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama Simplifies Health Plan

Obama plans to address a rare joint sessions of congress to get support for his health bill.

Obama is going to be more detailed in outlining his health plan, instead of leaving it broad for congress to fill in the details.

Obama has not given up on a proposal for a government run competitor to the private insurers.

He is going to focus on areas of potential agreement - such as regulation of the private companies, to prohibit them from denying coverage, or charging them more for pre-existing conditions.  Also, subsidies to make health care affordable for lower income people.

Obama is losing support for his health plan, but still prefers a public option of health care to compete with the private providers. He has to cut some things from his plans in attempts to gain support.  Some things that may be dropped are proposals requiring the government to create school based health clinics, and collect nation wide date on race, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

If he doesn't gain enough support he may have to change his plan from one that requires all Americans to have health insurance, to one where all children, or families with children to be insured.

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