Monday, November 10, 2008


On saturday at the coop I volunteer at, I got two bunches of free overripe bananas.  So I came home, broke out the cookbooks, and made banana muffins.  I used Dino's recipe for omni-sub free vegan banana bread, and I put it into muffin tins instead.  I doubled the recipe, so now I have a freezer full of muffins!  I used whole wheat pastry flour, hazelnuts, and oats.  If I had some chocolate chips, I would have thrown those in, but I sadly didn't.  There is nothing like the combination of chocolate and hazelnuts.  Nothing.  

These were quite the treat on a snowy afternoon with a BIG mug of chai tea.  I don't know why I am putting this in my unschooling blog, and not my food blog, but it just felt unschool-y to me.

This is a bizarre product of some stuff I found at ax man, some stuff I found in my brothers electronic junk box, and a really bad painting.  The pictures are all of carcasses, the painting is of a road in a snow storm.  There is a fork about to pierce one of the carcasses.   The computer thing has doll hands coming out of it, and in-between them are the red and white wires.  The red connects to the doll head and the white connects to an on/off switch. The dolls head is covered in a netting of tulle.  There is tiny googley eyes staring down on the doll from the sky.  They almost look like snow flakes.   

Maybe I will think of an explanation of what compelled me to do this.  I think it may have something to do with control and exploitation/disregard for animals.  Actually I know that is what it is about.  I should take a better picture when it is brighter out and upload it larger.


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