Friday, November 7, 2008

First Post

It took a lot of creative thought for me to think of the witty title for this post, so appreciate it.  

So, I am a junior in high school who just decided to start unschooling. Basically unschooling is learning based on future goals, and learning naturally.

I am "deschooling" right now, so I am not doing things to seriously, though I do hope I will not get to stressed out.  That would be counterproductive.  I have been contacting people about internships, volunteering, and getting a job, for part of my learning.  My first project is going to be to write a cookbook.  It is going to be vegan versions of food from all around the world.  Just this one project will include geography, history, english, world studies, and Home Ec.  I am also going to be doing a lot of reading, and I am getting a math textbook because I cannot teach myself that.  

I go to school for 80 minutes a day for japanese class, because I can't teach myself that either.  I am going to also take photography at the school during the last term.  

As far as internships go, I am trying to get one at Cafe Agri or Ecopolitan in Minneapolis.  I am super excited to get started.  I want to open a vegan restaurant, cafe, or bakery someday, so I think it would be very good to have some experience. 

I am always asked if I am still going to go to college.  I am not really sure yet, but kind of leaning toward it.  I will go on to do some kind of schooling, whether it is a four year university or not I don't know yet.  Some schools I think I would like to go to are The Natural Gourmet Institute, Northern Arizona University, or maybe something in Vermont, California, or even abroad.  I may stay in state (or minnesota) too.  One thing I am set on is going to The Natural Gourmet Institute, as it is pretty much the only vegan cooking school.  The program is short (9 months or 4 months) and it is in New York City.  I think it would be a great experience to live in a big city like that, having spent my life in a small town in the midwest.  I want a little change!   

Well, hopefully this gets updated frequently.  I know my other blog doesn't.  

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