Monday, November 17, 2008

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies



I think I am going to put this post in both of my blogs, because it is educational and filled with yummy food.

I was wondering about how cookies originated, so I did some research.  

The first cookies were invented by accident - they were just cake batter used by bakers to test their oven temperature before baking the whole cake.

Tea cakes and English biscuits strongly resemble cookies as we know them today.

Chocolate chip cookies are the most popular kind in America and Canada. These were created by accident as well. In 1937, Ruth Wakefield invented them while working at the Toll House Inn.  She was baking for her guests, and she ran out of nuts.  She used a bar of semi-sweet chocolate given to her by Andrew Nestle.  She thought the chocolate would mix together with the dough and form an all chocolate cookie. It didn't, but they turned out good so she served them anyway.

Ruth made a deal with Nestle that they could print her recipe on the back of their bars of chocolate if she was given free bars to bake for her guests in her hotel.  They liked the idea so much that they even included a chocolate chopper in the package. 

The cookies became so popular, that in 1939, the chocolate chip was invented.

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