Monday, October 12, 2009

6-yr-old suspended

A 6-year-old first grader from Delaware was suspended and ordered to go to reform school for 45-days after bringing a camping utensil - fork, spoon, and knife combination - to school to eat his lunch with.

Because of the districts zero tolerance policy, they do not make exceptions to there suspensions based on intent.

The boy is being home-schooled while his parents try to overturn his punishment.

I understand being cautious, but I think this is completely ridiculous. If a child is bring weapons to school with the intent of injuring another child, I don't think possession rules are going to be that effective in deterring them. After all, their intention is worse than just carrying around a weapon.

I certainly don't think weapons should be allowed in school. Possession of them should be addressed, but I don't think punishment is always the right option, especially when it is clear that their intention was not to harm anyone.

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