Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vermont Same-Sex Marriage

I was in Vermont this weekend and the issue making all the newspaper headlines was the same-sex marriage bill that passed the Senate 26 to 4.  The governor of Vermont, Jim Douglas (R), says he will veto the bill.  Today the house will vote on the bill, and if it passes by 2/3, it will have the power to override the veto.

I get kind of angry about this stuff because I think we should be so beyond this. Athiest's can get married, can't they? Is marriage really a religious institution? And if it is, why the are there laws to control it?

This makes me sad. America needs to start getting better.

I went to GSA today and we did an activity to demonstrate what it may be like for someone to come out.  We stood in a circle with one person in the middle.  We all held on to strings connecting us to the girl in the middle.  She told each of us she was heterosexual. We responded based on cards we were holding.  The sister saying "its just a phase", Grandma saying "you just need to buy some new clothes", Dad saying "what did I do wrong" ect...  As we said these things, the strings were cut.  The last person, the ally, didn't say anything, and the string wasn't cut.  

It made me think about the social facets of being homosexual.  Not being gay, lesbian, bi, or transgender, I don't really think about that as much as equal rights. Its sad to see how people treat others. 

Anyway, hopefully all goes well tonight in Vermont!

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