Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Around the World: Australia

Chirstmas in Australia is the start of the summer holiday, it's all about sun, surf, and shopping.  Chirstmas is celebrated in many different ways in Australia due to the amount of people from all around the world living there. 

Up until about thirty years ago, traditional English style Christmas was celebrated.  People roasted turkey and steamed pudding.  Now the celebrations are heavily influenced by ethnicity.  Common sense also played a role in the change of the celebration.  People now commonly have family gatherings in back yards, picnics in parks, gardens, and on the beach. Most people enjoy time with family and friends, and exchange gifts.

Food eaten around christmas is also influenced by ethnicity, some examples of what is eaten are:  
-seafood, glazed ham, duck, or turkey
-cold deli meats
-desserts of fruit salads, pavlova, ice cream, pies, fruit cake, shortbread, and chocolate

Some say the "Swag Man"  may have taken Santa Clauses place in the Australian Christmas celebration.  Swag Man wears a brown akubra, a blue singlet, and long baggy shorts.  He spends his winters under Uluru and drives a four-wheel-drive vehical.

Some families in Australia have real Christmas trees.  Others decorate gum tree branches.  Young children often sing Christmas Carols around the holidays.

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