Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Around the World: Africa


Christmas is celebrated throughout Africa.  There are 350 million christians in Africa.  The Coptic Christians in Ethiopia and Egypt celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December on their calender, which is the 7th of January on the rest of the worlds.  Kwanzaa is not celebrated in Africa, it is an African-American holiday.

Christmas in Africa is not nearly as commercial as it is in the Americas and Europe.  More emphasis is put on the birth of christ and singing in church than gift giving. The most common thing purchased for Christmas is a set of new clothes to be worn to church. Other common gifts are; school books, cloth, candles, soap, and other practical items.

Christmas dinner is another big part of the holiday.  In east Africa, goats are bought on Christmas day to be roasted for dinner. In South Africa, the beaches are full and BBQ's or traditional christmas dinners are common. The traditional dinners include mince pies, plum pudding, and Turkey.  In ghana, fufu and okra soup is served along with Liberia rice, beef and biscuits.  In Zimbabwae, to go with there goat, bread, jam, and tea is served.

At churches in Africa, nativity scenes are placed out, and people sing carols, and sometimes dance.

Shop fronts, churches, mango trees, and homes are all decorated for the holiday. Fake snow can be found in store windows, palm trees are filled with candles, and oil palm trees are filled with bells.

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